Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bookchan Soon Dubu

Bookchan Soon Dubu is unanimously the best place to get soft-tofu stew (Soon Dubu) in Toronto. And maaaan it is so good. There's always a line to get in to the restaurant, but it's so worth it. Two days after Miwako and I went for the first time, we were already craving it again!

The banchan they provide: Not a lot, but it's all good, especially the kimchi - sweet, fresh and not sour, but not too fresh - just perfect.
This is the second time we went - I ordered the vegetable soondubu (ab0ve), and Miwako got the kimchi, beef and pork soondubu again.

They give you rice in stonebowls, then they take the rice out of the bowl for you, and fill the stonebowl with water, which you can mix up with the rice left in the pot and eat afterwards if you like.

This was Miwako's bowl by the time she was done.

This was my bowl by the time I was done. Dry as a bone. Miwako now aspires to learn how to eat soondubu like I do. Every time we go, we're gonna keep a tally of how much dryer her bowl is at the end of the meal...

The Bloor Street Diner

We went here to celebrate Allison's birthday - I got the tortellini at near the bottom and it was good : ). I also forced everyone to le tme snap shots of their food before they started eating. Miwako and I shared the "Chocolate explosion" at the bottom of the page - you can't tell from the picture, but there are chunks of cheesecake mixed into the cake.

I thought that food wasn't bad, although Miwako didn't like her fish very much. A downpoint - our waitress was clearly in a bad mood.