Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black BeanTofu on Rice

[My dinner: Blackbean Tofu on rice, with steamed green beans and a white peach for dessert]

Blackbean Tofu was my first attempt at cooking for myself in Toronto - I chopped up a potato and a carrot, started, er, cooking them in a pan, and then I added in a chopped onion and garlic clove. I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to put the things in according to a certain order, but I figured potatoes and carrots take a longer time to cook...

Anyways, I added in two teaspoonfuls of garlic blackbean sauce, and then added in the extra-firm tofu, which I had chopped up into cubes. Then I mixed some cornstarch into cold water and poured it over the mixture, then cooked while stirring until the sauce thickened. I tasted it, and then added in another teaspoon of garlic blackbean sauce because I liked it saltier :) Especially if I'm going to have it over white rice.

It tasted okay, although I think that since I'm so used to eating korean food, it felt a little off because it was neither sweet nor spicy!

So, did I forget anything vital? I wish I had bought pepper before I made it - I think a little spiciness would have given it a nice kick : )

Next up: MaPo Tofu...I'm going to attempt...to cook with MEAT!!!!!

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