Thursday, January 13, 2011

Okonomiyaki 2.0

Okonomiyaki 1.0 didn't go quite as planned, so we had to give it a second try, with some advice Vicky. This makes about 3 medium or 5 small pancakes

Okonomiyaki flour 180g
Water + dashi ~1 cup
Shredded cabbage (we used napa coz we had leftovers)
Shredded small zucchini
Shredded small carrot
Chopped green onion
Bonito flakes
Okonomiyaki sauce
Soba noodles (cooked)
Eggs 3

1. Prep the vegetables. I got this sweet vegetable shredded from Vietnam so it only took a few minutes rather than hours to julienne the zucchini and carrot

2. Crisp the soba noodles. Apparently the addition of soba noodles is unique to some part of Japan and not the traditional way. But it was so good - so it's a keeper. Mix soba noodles with some okonomiyaki sauce and dashi. Heat a skillet with oil and form noodle patties about the size of your planned okoniyaki. We had some problems getting it to stick together so we added a little egg in the pan to stick them all together. Make sure the noodles get nice and crispy. Set aside.

3. Make the batter. Combine flour, water, dashi, 2 eggs and veggies. Add enough water to get the right consistency (should be quite thin). Add enough veggies so that everything is coated and there is still some loose batter in the bowl. Add the bacon to the bowl so that it is coated with batter as well (will help it stick to the okonomiyaki when you flip it over).

4. Fry it up. In the hot skillet, flatten out about 1 ladleful of batter. Place bacon over top. When bottom has browned, flip over (using 2 spatulas or Kim's crazy pan flipping) to brown the other side. Then remove from pan.

5. Combining the soba. Spread thin layer of batter over top of soba patty. Put back in pan and top with okonomiyaki with bacon on top. This ensures that the soba gets crispy and some bacon-y goodness too.

6. Topping. Remove from pan. Top with sauce, green onion and bonito flakes. Japanese mayo optional. Enjoy.

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