Friday, November 23, 2007

Beard Papa's cream puffs

I decided to buy some cream puffs that was featured in the Vancouver Sun. It was located at the food court at the Aberdeen Ctr. I waited in line for approx. 20 min and while I was waiting, trying to figure out how many I should buy. Six? A doz? Well, there is a sign saying that you should eat them the same day so I settled on 6.
Three green tea custard and 3 vanilla original. I ate one of each. Michael said "I'll have one after my hockey practice. I really shouldn't eat them." He had such will power after school and waited till he came home. Although he didn't stop at one. He ate another. Kim ate the vanilla one first (before dinner) and said "I shouldn't eat another one" But she did, she ate the last one in the box. Oh yeah, dad didn't get any...he wouldn't want them anyway...

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