Monday, February 18, 2008

Jalapeno Montery Jack Cheese Yeast Bread

Two finger proofing test- pass
Don't worry, no instant coffee in this recipe. Trader Joe's jalapeno montery jack cheese makes up the main ingredient. I was too impatient with the second proof on this bread, I didn't let it rise nearly as much as the first proof. However, compared to the cinnamon rolls this morning it rose a lot more. This time I let the boiling water cool a bit before adding it to the yeast and proofed in a warm oven. I probably killed the yeast in the cinnamon rolls with the boiling water or the sunlight on my living room floor just isn't warm enough. Need to do more experimenting.

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meagan louie said...

Whoa! You're baking so much! Awesome! Now I am craving for cheese-bread...but I have too many baked-goods to eat up first...