Monday, February 18, 2008

Orange Honey Yeast Bread

Dough after 2nd proof, prior size = empty toilet paper roll

Determined to make a better yeast bread I tried my third yeast dough recipe. Again don't worry, there is no instant coffee in this one either. The jalapeno montery jack cheese bread was a little dense. I learned a little too late that there is actually a proper way of forming a yeast dough round. I followed the instructions this time with a better outcome. Still not as light and fluffy as regular bread that might be due to the fact that I am not using bread flour and I am still impatient with my proofing times.

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meagan louie said...

Yeah, the type of flour is probably important. I heard that while you can fudge a bit and use Canadian all-purpose-flour instead of bread flour, and still get somewhat decent results, the same isn't true of american all-purpose flour, because the protein-content in flour is different. Looks good though!