Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bistrot Bistro.... you are on my black list!

So recently while celebrating a friend's birthday, a group of 12 of use went out to a bistro on 4th ave for dinner....the table wasn't quite ready for us when we got there... ok fine.. .we were a big party.. no big deal..... but here's the kicker.. and maybe I'm in the wrong.... we brought a cake from true confections to the restaurant and wanted them to keep it in the fridge for us and then let us eat it ate the restaurant.... BUT they wanted to charge us $2 per person... ie $2 per slice... the owner said that it was a presentation fee.... quote "if you buy flowers at a grocery store, and then bring it to a florist to arrange they would charge you" .... am I in the wrong here...... I was so surprised and I even asked to cut the cake myself at the table.. and "present it" on plates myself.. but said no,.. still $2 per slice..... so yeah... kinda pissed..

its only unfortunate b/c no matter how good the food was (it was ok) I'm not going back....

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