Sunday, January 6, 2008

Green Tea Madelines & Bread Pudding

I was inspired by Meagan to try green tea madelines. First of all, I don't have a madeline pan. Secondly, I don't have unsalted butter. Therefore, the madelines look/taste like satly puddles. That did not deter me from eating them though. I can taste the matcha green tea.

I've had the bread pudding recipe for ages and never attempted it until now. Not for you raisin haters though. The bread pudding turned out better than the green tea madelines. Probably because I didn't have to use butter. It looks burnt, but I swear it isn't, that's the cinnamon on top. I did burn the first 3 pieces of bread though. My toaster dial got stuck and didn't count down so it kept on toasting until I smelled something burning. Yeahhhh, good old toaster from Walmart !

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meagan louie said...

Buahahah, your green-tea madelines look even funnier-coloured than mine! Were they more green on the inside?