Friday, January 25, 2008

Taro Bread Semi-Disaster

Peel and chop into small cubes, 1lb of taro.

Take some of the challah dough you made yesterday out of the fridge, let it unchill.

Boil the taro.
Drain the taro.
Mash the taro, add 1/4 c of cooking oil, and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.
Add 6 tbsp of sugar (I used brown sugar, to cover up the gross grey-colour that my taro turned out to do the bakeries make it so nice and purple?), then cook the paste for a couple more minutes.
Try and get the lumps out of your taro paste. I used a strainer.
Roll out the challah dough, then slop the taro paste on top.

Spread the taro paste on the dough. Roll that sucker up, pinching the seam and ends, tucking the edges under the loaf.

NOW HERE IS WHERE I SHOULD HAVE cut the loaf into smaller loaves or buns, cinnamon-bun-style, so that it would have baked faster and more evenly. As it was, I didn't, and just brushed on an egg-wash, and stuck it into a 350 degree F oven, for about 35 minutes.

I don't know if I have the fortitude to try this again so that it works better. If I ever do, I'll know to make smaller loaves, since this one was too big to cook the inside well - I had to chop it up after the 35 minutes, into three chunks, and then I stuck it back in for about 20 minutes, so then the outside got a bit darker than I wanted it.

Still tasted good though, when I managed to get it all baked-through.

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