Monday, September 17, 2007

Chinese 3 Course Menu

Dish #1 Fu jook, doong gu, water chestnuts and bok choi

Prep work for this dish begins the day before with soaking the fu jook and doong gu.

Prep work the day of consists of washing and chopping bok choi and slicing water chestnuts.

Cooking commences with blanching the bok choi in a wok. Remove bok choi to a dish and save some of the veggie broth in the wok. Next add the doong gu and fu jook with all the liquid into the wok. Add sliced water chestnuts, hoa yau, pepper, and chicken flavour salt.

Bring to a boil then simmer. Add cornstarch to thicken sauce.

Dish #2 Ju yuk daan faun

Prep work for this begins the day before with mincing ju yuk and marinating it in see yau, pepper, salt, and ginger.

Prep work the day of includes washing the faun and mincing water chestnuts.

Cook faun in faun cooker. When faun is cooked 1/2 way, add the ju yuk and minced water chestnuts.

After faun and ju yuk are cooked, crack egg on rice and mix.

Dish #3 Mao po dau fu, ju yuk, zucchini and baby corn

Prep work the day before can include marining ju yuk in mao po sauce.

Prep work the day of includes cubing dau fu, chopping ju yuk, slicing zucchini and opening a can of baby corn.

Cook dau fu and ju yuk in some water and mao po sauce. Add zucchini and baby corn. Thicken sauce with corn starch.

All three dishes took ~1 hour to make with 1/2 hour prep time the day before.

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meagan louie said...

Hey! Our ricecookers are identical! And I used your tip for not having the rice stick to the bottom of the old ricecookers and it worked really well...

Muaha! An excuse for not doing dishes right away!