Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trying to use up the massive package of green chilies...

So in an attempt to use up the package green chilies I bought from Koreatown, I've just been slicing up a green chili and tossing it into whatever I'm making for dinner. Witness below:
Steamed eggs - usually this comes with pork, but my version comes with green chilies.Steamed Tilapia with Blackbean sauce on a bed of ginger and carrots- usually this comes with green onions, but my version comes with green chilies.

Yeah, there's a big heat difference between using one green chili in a dish that gives me enough leftovers for four days, and using one green chili in the above dishes, where there's only enough for one meal. Didn't quite feel like I was dying, but man, who knew that carrots could soak up so much spiciness? The fish didn't take up as much spiciness as the carrots, thankfully.

Oh, I also got a recipe for Oyakodon from my Japanese suitemate today! Well, a very rough recipe, as she didn't seem to measure anything, but it looked and smelled just as good as what I've had in restaurants. She said the sauce is mostly bonito stock, soy sauce, sweet ricewine (or japanese sake) and sugar. You cook the onions in the sauce, then the chicken, and then add the egg in last. Apparently there are even special pans to make Oyakodon, made specially so that you can just slide the topping onto the rice.

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